When temperatures start dropping, lots of things change. You’re digging into your winter weather wardrobe. Days are getting shorter. Football consumes Sundays. Fall, after all, is the perfect time to embrace the end of an era and welcome something new. This applies to you, too! If you’ve been thinking about switching up your hair hue, here are a few clues as to what might work great for your new ‘do!

Quoth the Raven

Black hair is a drastic change for even the most chocolaty of tresses, but the jump to jet black can bring oohs and ahhs like you’ve never heard before. Black is especially stunning on gals with light eyes, as the contrast in color makes bright peepers pop.

Ribbons of Red

Add some red tint to your tresses by way of well-placed highlights. These can be as dramatic or subtle as you’d like, and red actually works well for most hair colors and skin types. If you have dark hair, and you’re feeling super dramatic, go for dark, bold red highlights that will stand out.

From Sun-Kissed to Roasted Chestnut

If you’ve been rocking sun-kissed summer strands, tone it down by going with an earthy brown shade that’s warm and welcoming. Blondes who go brown will get a show-stopping reaction when their friends and family members see them for the first time. A touch of chestnut is just the thing light-haired girls need to ring in the fall season!

Pink Princess

Rose Gold has been big since Apple introduced it to its lineup, and this season, this color is coming to a hairstyle near you. Celebrities such as Eve have been recently spotted sporting a picture-perfect pink. Rose Gold is a great way to downplay ultra-light summer shades while adding a bit of warmth and intrigue along the way.

Don’t be afraid to embrace change. Autumn is an awesome time to experiment with a new look that welcomes in the chillier weather. Be bold, and be brave. Your new look could just be exactly the thing you need to explore other new opportunities in your life.