Look Down at Your Feet!

Feet often feel neglected and alone. For much of the winter, they are hidden away, then, BAM! Spring comes and the little piggies get to see the light of day. Keep your feet from the shock of exposure by caring for them year round.

Start Fresh Daily

Great foot care begins with great hygiene. Wash your feet each day/night to remove daily ick. Warm water is best since extreme temps can cause dry skin to get worse (hot) or blood flow to suffer (cold). Dry well between your toes to prevent fungal friends from visiting.

Many people profess to a vinegar soak to revitalize tired tootsies. Put 1/2 a cup of white or apple cider vinegar in a pan of warm water and soak. For an added massage-like bonus, add marbles to the pan and roll your feet around.

Soften Up

Emollient rich moisturizers should be applied to clean, dry feet only. As wonderful as it feels to slather it on, make sure none is left between your toes. It would be a bummer for a good thing to cause problems (athlete’s foot).

Smooth dry patches with a pumice stone or foot file after cleansing. Soak feet first to soften skin and then gently rub to remove dead skin cells before applying moisturizer.

Treat with Care

Corns and calluses are caused by friction and pressure from ill-fitted shoes. Padded cushions and insoles can help prevent problems, but when the shoes win, there are measures you can take to pamper your feet after the fact. Once feet are clean, gently remove dead skin with a pumice stone and then apply an emollient moisturizer. Wear cotton socks to bed to retain moisture.

Cracked heels take time to defeat. Clean, use pumice stone, moisturize. Repeat. You may need to moisturize 2x-3x per day at first. Try moisturizers with salicylic acid, alpha-hydroxy acids, or urea to benefit from their water retaining properties. Wrap feet in cellophane at night after you clean and moisturize for a sauna-like experience.

Move Those Feet

Even feet need exercise to stay healthy. Flex ankles, wiggle toes, and stretch calves to improve circulation. Don’t forget about marbles in a warm soak to stimulate nerve endings and blood flow. You can also reap the benefits of massage by rolling your feet over a veggie can or rolling pin.

After a long day, you deserve to put your feet up and relax!