I wrote a little bit about Dermaclara, the new skincare line that I just discovered not too long ago. I’m always trying out new skincare lines, hoping to find the holy grail. And Dermaclara is close! Out of the five-product line — though I love every single product from Dermaclara — my absolute favorite is the serum called claraline. It’s heaving with proven active ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid and Niacinamide. My skin loves these two ingredients, in particular, because HA makes it look plumper and Niacinamide keeps my brown spots and hyperpigmentation away, in addition to improving elasticity. Plus, the inclusion of essential fatty acids keeps my skin’s moisture levels balanced.

This three-pronged approach: plumping, clarifying and moisturizing is key to beautiful, youthful-looking skin. I read a little more about Dermaclara and found out that it was created by skincare experts and youth scientists who carefully chose every ingredient. As a former esthetician and skincare educator, I’m impressed with this unique and highly effective formulation in claraline.

After having used the entire Dermaclara line for several weeks now — including claraprep cleanser, clarasome moisturizer, claralips lip serum and clarafuse derma pads — I’ve noticed significant improvement in my skin and look forward to seeing long-term results! I foresee Dermaclara as eventually gaining cult status among beauty mavens, though some make use it and keep it a secret for themselves. Not me: I want everyone to have great skin. That’s why I created this blog! We all should share knowledge to continually improve ourselves (and our skin).