Summer is almost here, but your skin most likely still looks pasty and pale. How can you greet the warmest season with a happy (and safe) glow? With sunless tanning! Gone are the days of patchy application and scary orange color. With today’s advanced sunless tanner formulas, you can look like a bronzed goddess without the sun damage. Plus, a faux tan can cover up acne, camouflage cellulite and make you look younger. Yes, please!

Here are my sunless tanning tips to stay glowing and gorgeous all summer long.


I highly suggest exfoliating and shaving the day before you apply self tanner. Exfoliation with a loofah or salt scrub will get rid of dead skin cells and ensure a more even color application. Focus on where your skin is the thickest: knees, feet, and elbows. And shaving the day before, rather than the day of, will prevent the sunless tanner from settling in your hair follicles. I learned this the hard way once, and ended up with little dots all over my legs from shaving right before self tanning! After shaving the day before, moisturize all over. This will help avoid patchiness.


Give yourself a self tan when you have some time (two hours or more). Apply self tanner carefully will ensure even coverage, not patchy color that betrays the fact that you, and not the sun, gave you the glow. Since your hands will be in constant contact with the sunless tanner while you apply, make sure to wash your hands a few times during your sunless tanning application. Apply lightly to the areas elbows, knees, and feet. For back application, have your honey or trusted friend apply to the spots you can’t reach.


Wash your hands right away after you’re finished with your application. But don’t get the rest of your body wet for at least six hours after tanning. This will allow your tan to set. Also avoid exfoliating, as this will shorten the life of your tan. The next day, if you notice some streakiness, use a washcloth in the shower to gently exfoliate those areas to get rid of it.

And voila! You can achieve a gorgeous faux glow all summer long, without stepping out into the sun.