Everyone knows that moisturizer is a staple in any skincare regimen. But serums are relatively new on the scene, having made their appearance in recent years. Serums provide concentrated active ingredients to amp anti-aging efforts. Adding a serum to your morning and nighttime routine can benefit your skin by providing help for hyper pigmentation, dullness, laxity and clarity. So how do you know when and where to apply a serum?

  1. Decide what your main skincare concerns are. Do you have enlarged pores? Is your skin less than firm? Do you need to brighten up your complexion? Read labels carefully and choose a serum appropriate for your specific needs.
  2. Apply a serum right after you cleanse your face. That’s the time when your pores are ready to optimally absorb the active ingredients and antioxidants in the serum. Let it absorb, wait a couple of minutes, then apply your moisturizer and sunscreen.
  3. Store your serum in a climate-controlled, dark environment. Excess light and heat can break down ingredients, rendering them useless and inactive.
  4. Layer serums from thinnest to thickest. If you use more than one serum to address multiple skin issues, start with the thinnest formulation, let it absorb, then use the next one.
  5. Don’t use a serum if its been hanging around for over six months. Ingredients can break down with age, so they don’t do anything for your skin.

Serums can offer a multitude of anti-aging benefits. With these tips, your skin will benefit from the concentrated ingredient complex most serums offer, keeping it looking young, vibrant and glowing.