With Valentine’s Day coming up, lots of ladies want to turn up the glam and wear dramatic red lipstick for the special night out with their honey. But what if you never wear red lipstick because you think it looks clown-y on your, or it bleeds, making a mess all over your face?

Well, you’re in luck. With a few tips, you can look like an elegant, classic red lipstick-wearing beauty in no time!

  1. Consider the size of your lips. Are they thin or voluminous? If your lips are on the thinner side, stick with sheer, glossy reds to pump up the volume. And if you’ve been blessed with a bee-stung kisser, you can sport sexy, retro matte lips.
  2. Prevent bleeding. When red lipstick migrates to those little lines around the mouth, it looks like you either got punched in the mouth or you let a four-year-old apply it for you. Apply concealer all around your mouth and on your lips BEFORE applying lipstick.
  3. Don’t go heavy-handed on the eye makeup. Red lips are attention grabbing all by themselves. If you apply too much eye makeup, you’ll look like a working girl (and by that, I don’t just mean someone employed).
  4. Toss the red lip liner. You don’t need lip liner if you apply red lipstick carefully. But if you insist, use one that’s closer to your lip color rather than one that matches. A red lip liner often looks too severe with red lipstick.
  5. Watch your teeth! Sometimes, more lipstick gets on your teeth than on your lips. When you’re done applying, take a tissue and gently rub your teeth where lipstick has made its way.
  6. Match your red lipstick to your dress or blouse. Matching reds is very retro. Wear the same red on your lips as on your body and watch your sweetheart drool.