As a skincare professional and educator, I get to try new skincare lines before they make their appearance on the beauty market. And with so many new products, it’s hard to impress me! I was recently introduced to Dermaclara Youth Science by another skincare educator, and I was blown away. I try new products all the time, so I tested out Dermaclara for a month. Here’s my experience. 

It’s easy and simple to use. Dermaclara features a carefully curated five-product system: claraprep hydrating cream cleanser, claraline peptide intensifying serum, clarasome radiance restoring moisturizer, claralips collagen-infused lip serum and clarafuse dermapads. I used all five Dermaclara products with great success, resulting in a lessening in the appearance of wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, and laxity on my face and chest.

Claraprep cleanser was so luxurious and cleansed without drying my skin out. Claraline, the Dermaclara serum really worked after about 1o days. I noticed my skin looked smoother and firmer (especially along the jawline) and some annoying brown spots were fading. I felt like it was almost “peeling” my skin slowly and gently. Definitely a star product. Clarasome moisturizer had a gel-cream consistency, which was really lovely and hydrating without being too heavy. And clarafuse dermapads are the surgical grade silicone pads that gently, yet firmly adhere to skin to treat the appearance of current lines and help to prevent the appearance of future wrinkling. I was really excited about clarafuse, since the dermapads provide an extra boost to the anti-aging effects of the entire Dermaclara system. They “train” the skin to lay flat, keeping it from making the repeated movements that cause wrinkles. I especially loved using clarafuse for my forehead, since it kept me from squinting and lifting my eyebrows! And I love how Dermaclara didn’t forget the lips: claralips hydrated and exfoliated my lips, making them plumper-looking and healthy.

I looked into the ingredients used, and claraline serum and clarasome moisturizer feature an impressive array of anti-aging active ingredients like peptides and botanicals. No parabens!

Would I recommend Dermaclara Youth Science? I would definitely recommend it to those interested in treating signs of aging and helping to prevent future signs. It’s so easy to use! I didn’t have to spend half an hour in the morning applying a million products. Dermaclara took care of all of my skincare needs: cleansing, treating, hydrating and preventing. They will be offering various sets with bonus skincare devices, so keep an eye out! It’s not on the market yet, but I will write another blog post when it debuts.