After a long, cold winter in some parts of the country, spring brings with it not only chirping birds and warming temps, but it also brings with it new makeup trends! Wearing the same makeup tones everyday gets boring, so check out a few of these new trends and revitalize your look.

  1. Get the blues. The makeup blues, I mean. Blue eyeshadow is back, ladies! But not the blue of the 80s. This season’s blues range from a barely perceptible wash of baby blue to bold cobalt accenting a smoky eye. Still unsure? Visit a makeup counter to see what blues suit you.
  2. Gloss it up. Strobing goes to the next level with glossy faces. Not just for the cheekbones, highlighters and even petroleum jelly can also be applied to the the lids and under the eyes. Just be careful, though: you don’t want to look like you’ve done five Zumba classes in a row.
  3. Take French. French manicures are back! But these aren’t the thick-tipped boring pink and white flared square nails of years gone by. No, today’s French manicures boast in-your-face colors like burgundy, orange, and green, or subtle metallics like silver or champagne.
  4. Mouth off. Stunning, bold pinks and reds still dominate this season, as they have in seasons past. Depending on your skin tone, try orange-reds, deep raspberries and even vampirish purples. Just don’t overdo the eyes when sporting such attention-grabbing color.

Pick one or two trends to try at a time, like a French manicure and cherry red mouth, but not a dark mouth and blue lids.

New makeup gives you the same feeling as buying a few new items to refresh your wardrobe, so if you’re unsure how to incorporate a glossy face or bold lips into your look, consult with a makeup artist to create a customized look.