When summer rolls arounds, not only are you spending more time outdoors, but your intense winter moisturizer starts to feel too rich and heavy. Almost like an oil slick. So should you skip moisturizer altogether during the summer months? Not so fast. Your skin always needs moisture, but by adjusting the type of moisture, you can have dewy skin in the summer without ending up overly greasy or with makeup sliding down your face.

Here are a few ways to moisturize skin during the summer:

  1. Use a spritz. A moisturizing toner spritz feels refreshing during hot summer months. Cleanse your face as you normally do. Then spritz your face and neck a few times and pat into your skin. Give it a minute, then apply a lightweight sunblock for essential sun protection.
  2. Use a moisturizer that comes in a creamy gel formulation. The gel will feel light and soothing. Plus, it absorbs quickly. My current fave is Dermaclara Clarasome. It’s a refreshing treat and infuses my skin with all sorts of nutrients.
  3. Just use a moisturizing sunblock. Instead of using two separate products to moisturize and to protect, why not skip the moisturizer and use a moisturizing sunblock instead? This way, you get both jobs done in one product, and without excess heaviness.
  4. Instead of using both a serum and a moisturizer as part of your skincare regimen, just use a hydrating serum. A serum’s thinner consistency will give your skin the active ingredients it needs, while being light enough to use solo. Just make sure the serum contains nourishing ingredients rather than just enzymes or acids.

Try one or more of these tips and see how your skin does. Depending on how naturally dry or oily it is, you may find that not over moisturizing during the summer can lead to better skin.