best beverages for skin

The Best Beverages for Good Skin

Jul 12th, 2016 Beauty Tips, Skin Care 2 min read

Everything that you consume has certain effects on your body. If your body is thirsty, electrolytes or good old water might do the trick. But what do you do when your skin is craving a little hydrating attention? If you’re looking for a way to pamper yourself into extra healthy skin, check out the benefits offered by each of these beverages: Water. There are plenty…

Drink Your Way to Better Skin

Mar 10th, 2016 Skin Care 1 min read

We know that good nutrition equals good skin, but did you know that good nutrition also means what you drink as well as what you eat? Drinking enough water is the first step to good skin. Eight or more glasses a day contribute to plumper, more elastic skin. Plus, ample water intake helps detox your system, leading to fewer blemishes. Beyond water, here are my…