damaged hair

Special Care for Chemically Damaged Hair

Sep 12th, 2016 Beauty Tips 1 min read

Understanding and Saying Goodbye to Chemical Damage Whether we are talking about bright blues, pastel lavenders, vibrant reds, or golden blondes, when chemicals are used to color hair, damage is inevitable. Natural proteins break down with use of chemicals and the hair weakens. Chemical bad guys like these damage hair: bleaches and lighteners chemical straighteners perms repeated chlorine exposure If your hair is pretty badly…

summer haircare

Top Summer Haircare Tips

Jul 5th, 2016 Beauty Tips, Skin Care 1 min read

The lazy days of summer have finally gotten into full swing. Before you get too lax with your routine, remember that it’s important to pay attention to your hair so your tresses don’t incur extra stresses from the heat and sun during this swimsuit season. To help you maintain your mane, I want to share these five essential summer haircare tips: Spray Your Strands with…