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The Lowdown on Skin, Nail & Hair Vitamins

Sep 21st, 2016 Skin Care 2 min read

If your goal is to improve the appearance of your skin, then you’ve most likely researched the best methods for achieving gorgeous, youthful skin. One popular method recommended by many beauty professionals is to take skin, nails and hair vitamins. While these supplements may work wonders for some users, they’re not always be a good idea for everyone. Here is the lowdown on this specialty class…

Nutrition Tips for Healthy Nails

Mar 29th, 2016 Beauty Tips 1 min read

Did you know that your nails can reflect your health the way your skin can? Check out your nails: Are they thinning, brittled, ridged or discolored? Or are they strong, thick and long? When you maintain a nutritious diet, your nails will show it. Here are some of my favorite nutrition “tips” (pun intended!) for healthy nails.   Make sure to get enough protein in…