Everything that you consume has certain effects on your body. If your body is thirsty, electrolytes or good old water might do the trick. But what do you do when your skin is craving a little hydrating attention?

If you’re looking for a way to pamper yourself into extra healthy skin, check out the benefits offered by each of these beverages:

Water. There are plenty of reasons to get your eight glasses in each day, and healthy skin is just another bonus. For starters, plain old water, devoid of any additives, flavors, and sugars, will hydrate your body and help to keep your internal processes functioning at maximum capacity. The more efficient your body operates on the inside, the prettier your glow will be on the outside. Water is a prime ingredient when it comes to boosting the bounce and beauty of your skin and enhancing the elasticity that keeps it looking young and fresh (also known as skin turgur.)

Coconut Water. This ultra-hydrating liquid is known to cure hangovers, battle blood pressure, and fight the effects of certain cancers. In concerns of your skin, coconut water goes above and beyond to keep you glowing at your brightest. Armed with the cytokinin kinetin, coconut water battles time and helps combat the signs of aging. Coconut water is particularly impactful for skin that’s been damaged by the sun.

Aloe. A bad burn has long been bathed in a gooey coating of protection from the aloe plant, but it wasn’t until recently that aloe debuted on the drink scene. When ingested, aloe has the potential to help fight dry skin and conditions such as psoriasis by healing from the inside, out. The plant’s antioxidants have shown potential for battling environmental free radicals like smog, sun, and everyday pollution. Not sure you’re up for a tart glass of aloe water? Shoot for a Strawberry Lemonade Aloe Vera Smoothie to get started.

Green Tea. The key to green tea is the massive amount of antioxidant properties that it contains. Like aloe, green tea is equipped with ingredients that help your skin battle damaging effects that occur in your everyday world before they have the opportunity to damage cells and tissues.

The best way to enhance your body’s health is to find food and drinks that are naturally fortified with body-happy vitamins and minerals. If you’ve already discovered some skin-soothing sips, share your recipes and favorite flavors with us in the section below!