If your goal is to improve the appearance of your skin, then you’ve most likely researched the best methods for achieving gorgeous, youthful skin. One popular method recommended by many beauty professionals is to take skin, nails and hair vitamins. While these supplements may work wonders for some users, they’re not always be a good idea for everyone. Here is the lowdown on this specialty class of vitamins:

Unwanted side effects & excessive vitamins

Before taking any supplement specifically created to enhance beauty, you might want to determine what your current nutrient levels are. Some vitamins, such as Vitamin C, won’t accumulate in the body, since any excess will simply be excreted. However, others (Vitamin A) build up in fat cells, exceed normal levels in the body, and lead to toxicity. This definitely a possibility if you take regular multi-vitamins in addition to skin, nails and hair ones!

Some individuals experience side effects when taking vitamins to improve their skin, nails and hair. Headaches, nausea and blurred vision are just some of the side effects reported by some users. Most discomfort only last for a few days as the body adjusts, but some people experience symptoms as long as they take the vitamins.

Alternatives to vitamins

Instead of taking synthetic vitamins that might contain fillers, artificial colors and other potentially harmful ingredients, you might want to focus on your diet. Hydration is an important aspect of beautiful skin, so you should be sure to drink a sufficient amount on a daily basis. Another alternative method for ensuring the beauty of your skin is to consume a diet full of fruits, vegetables, lean protein, whole grains and healthy fats and grains. Such a diet will contain all the vitamins and nutrients that your skin needs to remain supple, youthful and attractive, making taking additional vitamins unnecessary.

Skin, nail, and hair vitamins can be good in some situations, especially for individuals who are deficient in the nutrients contained in these products. However, if you have no nutritional deficiencies, and make sure to get a well-balanced diet, then taking skin, nails and hair vitamins could do more harm then good. Don’t forget: creating a multi-step skincare routine that includes washing, moisturizing, treating, and protecting the skin is be the best way to encourage your skin to become as healthy and as beautiful as possible.