A woman’s makeup collection is like a treasure box of gems: mascara, the perfect shade of foundation, eyeliner, a palette of eye shadow, and a rainbow of lip gloss and lipsticks. What’s not to love about that? Expiration dates. Tossing those beloved products when they reach their expiration dates is not so fun. While it’s tempting to keep using expired products, here are three reasons to ditch the expired skincare and makeup.

Expired makeup is too dry, which leads to ineffective products
After the expiration date, most makeup products become ineffective. Powder, for instance, will start to become flakier and drier after it expires, leaving your face looking dry and flaky as well. As a rule, powder and foundation should be replaced about every 12 months. When your mascara is past its prime, it becomes clumpy due to lack of moisture. To avoid clumpy lashes, replace your mascara about every three months.

Tip: Order your mascara online and create a subscription. Every three months, you’ll have new mascara on your doorstep.

Using expired makeup can be dangerous
While dried out mascara doesn’t physically make you sick, using certain expired skincare products can be dangerous. Expired face lotions with SPF or expired sunscreen are no longer effective in protecting your skin from the harmful UV rays. You could end up with major burns and blisters thinking you were protected by an expired SPF product.

Tip: Moisturizers need to be replaced every 12 months. Mark a reminder in your calendar each spring to stock up on fresh sunscreens and other SPF products.

Using expired skincare can lead to bacteria growth and acne flare ups
Most makeups contain preservatives to keep your makeup fresh. However, over time, UV rays can break down those preservatives, which means your makeup is now the perfect breeding ground for bacteria, which increases your chance of an acne break out.

Tip: Limit your makeup’s exposure to UV rays. Keep your makeup in a cool, dark space to. Aim for a cabinet that shuts instead of on a makeup vanity or an open-air shelf. Invest in a brush cleaner to limit your powder’s exposure to bacteria.

Adhere to the expiration dates to avoid using ineffective, dangerous, or spoiled products. Your skin will look and feel healthier. Toss out the old, and enjoy a celebratory trip to the mall to stock up on some fresh skincare products.